1. Introduction

My aim with this project is to provide a set of modular Bitcoin commandline utilities, that admin types can engage with Bitcoin functionality without having to write code.

By chaining all these commands together in different ways, you can do offline transactions, maintain a wallet, work with deterministic keys, ...

It would be cool to see Bitcoin wallets written in bash script using these tools to handle the core functionality. I believe the more we give good tools to the community, the more we can decentralise development and increase access to the core technology for all types.

1.1. Installation

1.1.1. Ubuntu/Debian

The simplest way to install sx, is to use the install-sx.sh bash script.

$ wget https://github.com/spesmilo/sx/raw/master/install-sx.sh
$ sudo bash ./install-sx.sh

sx should now be installed.

1.1.2. ArchLinux

ArchLinux users: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/sx-git/

1.2. Cheatsheet


1.3. Resources and Contact

Development repository:

My Bitcoin address (from http://libbitcoin.dyne.org/):


Email: genjix@riseup.net

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